The Different Forms of Ballroom Dancing


The idea of dance varies within intellectual traditions. It is a common ground where ideas are treated as a function of language and knowledge is derived from analysis of phenomena. The Philadelphia dance academy lets you experience a taste of all dance forms. Some of the dance forms are namely:

504790479_6be89ef665Slow Waltz: it is believed to be one of the oldest dance forms that date back to the 1900s. It is a three count dance and is considered to be one of the most graceful dances of today.

Tango: tango had come into being in the 1910 as a very passionate and dramatic dance form. Hollywood movies have often taken a cue from this dance and have stylized and highlighted the same. It is one of the very popular dance forms.

Viennese Waltz: in the Strauss era in the 1800s the dance form was performed in the European Royalty courts. This is a very speedy and fast dance that will leave you awestruck. The couples move left to right on the dance floor.

Foxtrot: it is a very smooth dance where you swiftly move across the floor and is generally danced on a Jazz music. They are one of the most important dance forms and are mostly done during weddings or on a cruise.

Quickstep: this is considered to be the cherry on top of all dance forms that are smooth. It is very fast moving dance and had its first appearance during the 1920s. The dance is done on a fast and upbeat music to match the speed of the dance. The dancers hop, run and skip around the floor. The dance is fun to watch and do and will definitely leave you breathless.

Cha Cha: the dance originated in 1954 in Cuba and soon by 1959 all the Americans were engrossed and in love with this dance form. The dance floor is generally small and is a very free dance. It is one of the most famous dance forms.


Things To Be Mindful About Before Choosing A Dance Academy

You should know that learning dancing can be very beneficial for your child in many different ways. Obviously, for your child to learn dancing, you’ll have to enrol him/her on a good dance academy. You should not enrol your child on just any dance academy. You should know that finding the right dance academy for your child will not be a very easy job. If you’ve never taken dance classes before, then it is likely that to you, all the dance classes you’ll come across will appear to be similar but you should know that actually all of them are different from quite a few aspects. There are certain considerations which you should be mindful about while searching for a good Philadelphia dance academy for your child, a few of them are given below:

14768137836_03d917d948Class Routine -You should check if the class routine of the dance academy in which you’ll enrol your child is flexible. Generally, dance classes are strict about their routine. There are a fixed number of classes which your child has to attend in a week. This can prove to be exhausting for your child if he/she is already engaged in other activities, in which case you should definitely consider enrolling your child in a dance school which will offer a flexible routine.

Reputation of the Academy – Right after that, you should check if the dance school you’re going to enrol your child in is a reputed one. You will be able to know if a dance school is good if you find out that the students who have passed out from that particular academy have become higher level dancers or have established themselves as successful dance teachers.

Dance Recitals – Generally dance recitals are held by dance schools after a year ends. The younger students are not pressurised in this regard. Exhibition of the progress made by students is the main reason for holding these recitals. For a child, performing on the stage can prove to be very beneficial.